Our Achievers :: CBSE Board Examination 2016.

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Welcome to J.T.Golden Jubilee School, Alld.

Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School took shape in 1974, to meet the need for young educated citizens to take India into the future. The school promises to deliver world- class holistic education to its students. Education, that imparts knowledge by instilling confidence. Students are encouraged to ask questions because we believe that a curious mind is the receptacle of learning. We allow young children to explore ‘the outside’ because learning cannot be confined within the four walls of the classroom. Technology and innovation are embraced with an open mind because children of this millennium have to be masters of technology and not become its slaves. Emphasis is being laid on utilizing natural resources to the fullest. Students are taught the importance of environmental conservation through conscious minimizing and recycling of waste and making the school a zero- tolerance zone for plastics and polybags. Our mission is to impart education characterized by thoroughness, high principles and a freedom, that helps the students to grow in responsibility, self- reliance and the ability to make wise decisions. The pursuit of excellence according to each one’s potential with emphasis on learning by doing is of paramount importance. It rests on the positive belief that every person has it in him/her to become productive in global citizens.

"An institution is not made by bricks and stones, but by the strong character and integrity it instills in its students."

- Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.